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Answers to Your Questions

How do I get a Real Estate License?

To be licensed in GA, you must complete a 75 hour sales persons course and successfully pass the state exam.  Once you have passed this, you can affiliate with a broker and activate your license.

How do I become a Broker?

In order to be a broker you bust first be an active real estate agent for 3 years.  Once you been active for 3 years you can take the 60 hour broker course.  Upon successful completion, you are eligible to take the state exam to become a broker.

How can I take the course?

You can take your course either online, or through a classroom - either way, each will prepare you to take the state exam.

How do I take the State Exam

The state exam is administered by a contracting company hired by the state.  The exam itself is administered by computer at testing stations throughout the state.

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