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Privacy Policy

Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate

The Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate (MGARE) is owned and operated by Tom Woiwode, and the School Director is Dorothy Mitchell.  We will protect your privacy in the following manner:

  • Your email and password will remain private and confidential, and only viewable to the staff and instructors of MGARE.

  • Your information will not be shared with anyone.

  • We will not sell your information to anyone.

  • Your login credentials will remain private.

  • All inquiries to our staff or instructors will remain confidential.

  • We will share your information only if failing to share your information would be construed as a crime or obstruction of justice.

  • We appreciate that many students are exploring optional careers when they inquire about classes, and therefore all information shared or provided to a student or potential student is considered confidential.  Staff will only share student information outside of the normal reporting of credit the real estate commission when permission is expressly granted by the student.

We will not Spam you, or mislead you with forms or submission requests in any way.

All credit card information for online classes is maintained by OnCourse, formerly Computaught, a third party vendor and provider of online course materials. 

Please review our "Terms of Use".

Any questions can be emailed to

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