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License Requirements for Georgia

  • 18 Yrs of Age

  • High school graduate

  • Complete and Pass 75 Hr Course (Online or In-Class)

  • Background Check

  • Lawful Presence Verification

  • Take, and pass state exam.

  • Affiliate with Broker


**More about the Background Check:  All applicants for a real estate license must submit to a background check within 60 days of obtaining a license.  You must disclose any convictions.  The Real Estate commission must ensure licensees have not been convicted of crimes of moral turpitude.    If a candidate has a history of convictions and would like to know if they are eligible for licensure, they may submit a voluntary Background Clearance Request

Links to Explore

Online Courses - Go online with independent study with 6 months to complete

Classroom Courses - Find out where and when they are.

Real Estate Commission - For Lawful US Presence Verification Forms.

Background Check information.

State Exam Testing through PSI - the company who administers the state exam for GA.  


What's Next?

Real estate is a unique profession that opens a world of opportunities.  

Once you have completed the class and passed the exam, you must affiliate with a broker to activate your license.  This comes as a surprise to many students.  

Once you have affiliated with a broker for 3 or more years, you may advance your license to a Broker license after taking the required Broker course.

Still have questions?  Call us!


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