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Online Class or Classroom - THAT is the Question

In Georgia, persons wanting to become a real estate agent must take and pass a 75 hour licensing course. This class can be in person or online. Before you decide - you must know a couple of things.

Whether the class is delivered online or in the classroom, attendance is mandatory. This is a licensing class approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. If you are not in the classroom or online for 75 hours - no matter how well you did on the test - you cannot pass the class. Attendance is taken every 2 hours in class, and online time is logged automatically.

Classroom: This is typically evening classes. In cities like Atlanta it is possible to take a daytime class, however outside Atlanta they are almost exclusively evening classes. Classes will have a licensed instructor. These classes are more traditional classes consisting of lectures and required exercises. There is a midterm and final exam. Students must pass the final exam, complete all required projects, and attend no less then 75 hours of class time.

Online: This is true "independent study" where the student registers and is given login credentials to an online course. The student has 6 months from the day of registration to complete all course modules, projects, and take the final exam. The course is delivered by modules where the student reads a lesson and the course presents questions about the lesson - and when the student answers all questions pertaining to that lesson correctly, the module is completed and a new module is presented.

Students who are unable to attend the mandatory classroom due to scheduling conflicts, jobs, or family considerations opt for the online.

The Hard Truth: Real estate license class isn't easy. It's not the material, its the grind. There are about 600 vocabulary words you will need to learn and re-learn. The math is not very difficult - it's the strange "real estate rules" of math. Finally - unless you actually like to read case law in law libraries, real estate theory is just plain boring. It's not that sexy, and computers don't appreciate your humor. This is why many opt for the classroom when they can.

In Summary: THe path to real estate has to options - classroom or online. Classroom is a rigid schedule you must conform to, and online is a lonely journey in front of a computer. Either path chosen gets you to your goal of gaining a real estate license. Once licensed, you will enter one of the most fulfilling careers ever devised.


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